Wondering how a session will impact your life? Here’s some testimonials from people who gave it a go!

“David has a talent for listening. Really listening. He has heard the falsehoods I tell myself even when I’m completely deaf to them, and has taught me to speak truth to myself. He has heard my desires and goals and helped me bring them from the hidden depths of stress and self-doubt into the light of motivation and action. The time I’ve spent in working with David has had an invaluable impact on my life and happiness. Thank you David!” - J.J.

“My session with David offered great insight into my inability to practice self love for myself as often as I should. It was great to slow down and examine who I am and how the inaccurate views I have about myself are only slowing me down as I move towards happiness.” - S.L.

“I'll admit to being somewhat skeptical of all the "life coaches" on the scene these days -- but I can tell you David is the real deal. My sessions have consistently provided powerful "ah ha" insights that have brought me clarity and peace. It starts with David's presence of love - he exudes a compassionate calm that creates a safe space. He then listens and asks thoughtful questions in a way that can only be described as gifted. He sees patterns and connects dots that I would never otherwise see. And unlike the therapists I've tried, this can all happen within a single session.  David's combination of listening, intuition, wisdom, and emotional attunement make for an incredibly efficient, straight-to-the-heart experience. Very highly recommended.” - M.R.

“I was dealing with an ever present fear in my life, and in one session David lead me to be able to recognize the voice of love rather than the voice of fear, and gave me a lifelong skill.” - D.B

“I came into the session thinking my frustrations were smaller than they actually were and believed they were each isolated to specific circumstances, but by the end, I was able to recognize they were actually connected and were having a significant effect on my wellbeing. With this new understanding and by employing the simple tools he gave me, I have started to experience a shift in my mindset that has helped me make positive gains both professionally and on a personal level.” - B.R.

“David led me through some exercises which helped me see the narrative that I've been living out of for the last few years. I felt like I gained a new perspective of framing my life in a positive/optimistic/abundant way.” - G.E.

“I tend to be the person that is the one 'listening' in a relationship and when I feel like I'm in a safe space to share what I'm going through, it often feels like the other is just waiting for me to finish so that they can be heard or have more time to say what they want to get off their chest. It was REALLY nice having someone listen (actively).” - L.H.

“David was great at being present for me and giving me the time and space needed to fully work through things on my mind and heart. He didn't push me to go anywhere I wasn't willing to go, but instead just created an invitation for me. That gave me the ability to really calm myself and relax into the experience. I also appreciated the grounding meditation into as we started.” - P.P.

“Today’s session allowed me to feel introspective and to look for possible ways my past has affected the way I currently operate. It gave me an opportunity to look at how I can make my life better by giving more time to the things that matter the most to me. I really enjoyed being objectively evaluated and analyzed in a way that was loving, well heard, thought provoking and ultimately designed to be beneficial.” - J.N.

“Being a verbal processor I often don't know what I think until I say it and it's really helpful to know what I really think (as in what I am acting out) if I'm going to move forward in a healthy way. Having to articulate the motivations for my behavior helps clarify them in a new way, and helps me approach my life with a better sense of who I am, what I want, and how the story I tell about myself to myself impacts my life.” - M.M.

“David set an environment free from judgment, and made space for me to encounter the experience at my own pace. I appreciated that he experimented with some practices that I could carry forward, and gave me some practical steps to take towards moving forward.” - M.L.

“In my session I realized I am very angry and do not feel able to be. Which in turns makes me feel small and powerless, without a voice. That was a great realization for me. Instead of feeling unable to do things (like before the session), I feel capable of doing things (I am just angry and need to express that).” - H.D.

“David gently (but very effectively) helped uncover so much that needed uncovering: my fears surrounding my dad's health; the "why" behind my guilt and the need I felt to be near the hospital; the reasons my job was feeling so awful; the fact that I've felt like I'm checking my true self at the door every time I walk into work; what it is I really truly wish I could do as a profession; (the list goes on). David gave me some really powerful tools to shift my thinking & my energy that I'm already feeling the affects of.” - C.S.