Pay Attention To Your Headlines

The other day I was working on my website.

This website.

And it was going super well.

I felt like I was in the groove and everything I wrote felt easy, fun and inspired. I finished up the piece that I was working on and felt like the next thing I wanted to do was write my first blog. This one. But I didn’t.

Instead a small fear crept into my mind about money and out of that fear I decided I needed to stop what I was doing immediately and go start a Kickstarter to help support my new music. Now a Kickstarter is no big deal, but at the moment I was under fear. This fear then took over my inner world and quickly started pouring out of my mouth as stress and confusion for a full two days.

This fear and this confusion became my headline and I began spreading the news, telling all my friends and anybody else that would listen, how fearful and stressed this made me.

Well, last night I was hanging out with Lisa and I began to realize how this is a common pattern for me.

It goes like this:

First - I’m killing life. Like really killing it, flying down an easy smooth road. No worries. Suns out - guns out.

Then - Fear decides to say something and instead of saying “Thanks for the warning!” I invite it in to ride shotgun.

After that - Fear persuades me to believe that what it has to say is reality and I begin buying in.

Finally - Fear becomes my voice, takes the wheel and begins to spread this damning story to all of my friends. The weight get’s too heavy and I’m buried. In fear. Until time forms her cocoon and I slowly rebuild and resurrect.

This is the pattern. I know it super well as I’ve lived it over and over again my whole life.

And it always leaves me in the same place.


After seeing this pattern lived out and brought to the light, I have realized how important it is to pay attention to my headlines. What stories are flowing out of my mouth? What realities am I creating with my words? Do I find joy in the things I talk about? Or imprisoned behind the bars of my words?

What about you?

Are you spreading the story of all the ways you are killing life?

Or are you finding yourself in constant talk about all of the ways life is killing you?

For the next week, I invite you to join me in paying attention to what story of life we are spreading across the universe. Let go of the negative and set up camp in the positive.

We are the story makers, we write the headlines, which reality have you been deciding to create and live in?

David Lunsford