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The Healing Work of David Lunsford



Hello, my name is David Lunsford. I am a Holistic Life Coach, a Light Reflector and a Singer/Songwriter living in the greater Seattle area.

Having been born with one hand in the midst of a religion that preached physical healing was both confusing and formative as I could never figure out how to throw my prayers high enough to reach the heavens.

Living in this inherited reality, as you could imagine, was very damning as it always kept me feeling alone and distant from the people around me. I spent so many years of my life hiding behind my insecurity, begging the skies to heal my hand.

After years of therapy and psychedelic deep dives into my own inner landscape, I have come to the realization that my missing hand has never been the real issue holding me back from fully living, but rather the fear and anxiety patterns that I adopted as a child due to feeling different and insignificant compared to others.

Through this realization I have been able to find ways to help bring healing to myself and others by offering compassion, presence and loving support to the hidden parts within that have been so desperate to be loved, seen and heard.

I don’t claim to be able to make a missing hand grow back, but I do believe the true healing we need as a human species is to experience the release from fear and emotional suffering. So much so, that I have dedicated my life to helping people heal from the emotional trauma that comes with being human.

What would it be like to see the world through the lens of love and confidence instead of fear and anxiety?

I have been forging a path through the forest of fear since I was a kid. There is a way out of the darkness. I would love to help you find it.

Holistic Life Coaching and Light Reflection

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In July of 2018 I began practicing the healing form of Holistic Life Coaching under the guidance of spiritual teacher and author, Alan Cohen. I have always been interested in the healing that comes from inner work and have found myself, year after year, in experiences and professions that have cultivated and called this gift forward. I wasn’t quite sure what this would manifest into, but after developing the presence that comes with coaching and working with human after human, I have seen this healing work prove to be beneficial both for the person sitting across from me as well as within myself.

A Course In Miracles defines healing as the release from fear. In my experience, fear of the unknown is the root of anxiety and suffering that holds me back from living fully.

What has been holding you back? Have you been unable to express who you really are due to the fear of being rejected by others? Have you been playing it safe in life, unable to take a risk, for fear of being left helpless and alone?

What would it take to come out of your hiding and step into the forefront of your life?

As a coach, my goal is to comfort and hold space for my clients in the midst of their fear as we work to reframe their outlook into one of confidence and opportunity.

You are capable of great things. I would love to help you step into your fullness.

The music of david lunsford

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I have been writing and recording songs since I was 19 years old. My music has always followed along the path of my story and personally held beliefs and continues to do so. There is nothing more magical than singing into the dark of the night with my guitar in hand while lyrics and melodies are handed to me through the universal airwaves. At least that is how it feels in my experience.

It’s been said that music is medicine for the healing of the soul and through the process of writing and singing I have been able to experience this healing power. My hope is that you too will benefit from the healing journey I have been on.

I invite you to listen as I would guess we can all find similarities in the human experience we’ve been given.

Experimental Writing

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One of the beautiful ways I have found to heal and release pain for myself, and others, is through the form of writing. Whether it is through song, poetry, random thoughts or long stories about life - all shared experiences can offer healing to the people who choose to be involved.

If you would like to take part in my story, I would love to invite you along for the wild ride of my own journey towards inner peace and wellbeing.